General English

Aim of  English Language
  • Through diversified learning activities, students can establish positive life attitude and cultivate the 10 priority values and attitudes to prepare themselves to become leaders of tomorrow and to create space to foster whole-person development. Students can also cultivate the five core values of Catholicism - truth, justice, charity, life and family.
  • Through active engagement of learning activities, students can be little teachers which encourage schoolmates to use and enhance English skills at school.
  •  To reinforce students’ generic skills in problem solving skill, creativity and critical thinking through curriculum and e-learning English activities.
Curriculum Highlights
  • Aligning with the ongoing renewal of the Primary Education Curriculum (EDB), our school incorporates e-learning into the school-based curriculum. Diversified online multi-modal texts and e-learning tools, such as interactive flat panels and applications, are used to enhance students’ motivation in learning English.  Students will be able to access various e-learning materials through the online platforms seamlessly.
  • The English Language Department provides a wide range of activities to allow students to learn and enhance learning motivation, allowing them to fully develop their potential in various aspects and to promote whole-person development. English learning activities include English Day and Morning Assemblies, English Ambassadors Programme, Chinese Cultural Day, Books and Beyond Reading Club, English Musical Drama (Shakespeare4All), In-house writing competition, Cambridge English (Flyers) , Fun English Activities with our NET, SCOLAR programmes, etc.